Mid-autumn Festival or Reunion Festival is a meaningful custom of Asian people in general and the Vietnamese in particular. This is a time for care, filialness, gratitude, friendship, reunion and love. Techcombank’s moon-cake box is designed with combination between traditional and modern culture through decorative patterns on the background of its logo symbol.

The cake box recalls the characteristics of the nation and corporate culture in a skillful traditional design, sending best of wishes to the customers.

The inner small cake boxes are arranged to form Techcombank’s logo as our deep gratitude to the customers, with the desire to tighten, stabilize and developed relationships, to be side by side and companion the customers.

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Each moon cake is nicely presented in individual boxes and the postcards fold like an origami to reveal an accompaniment message from the bank.
Laser cut pattern
The complementary paper bag features the same key pattern in a subtle white tone embossing